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Do You Love DIY Moves But Dislike Driving? 3 Tips To Work With A Rental Truck Driver

Doing the majority of the work involved with a residential move yourself helps to save money, and it is always nice to know that everything is packed up just like you prefer. While you may have no problem with packing boxes and loading furniture on to the truck, it is common to suddenly lose interest once you have to get in the driver's seat. Moving trucks are large and handle differently from your normal passenger vehicle. Depending upon the size of your truck and driving location, there may also be laws in place regarding licensing. Fortunately, you can use these tips to work with a rental truck driver for hire that takes this last stressor off your list of worries.

Outline Each Person's Responsibilities

A rental truck driver is not the same as a professional mover. While some do provide moving services such as loading a truck, you need to outline these types of things beforehand. In most cases, you can expect the driver to arrive on time and perform the tasks needed to get the vehicle to its desired destination. During your initial consultation, make sure to ask questions about the quote that help you know what to expect during the service and when it is complete. For instance, you need to know who pays for gas, food, and other expenses throughout the move.

Discuss Any Special Items On Board

Professional truck drivers want to take care of all of the items that are on board the vehicle. While your driver should follow the driving laws and be cautious with the vehicle, they may need to take extra precautions for delicate items. Let the driver know if there are any items that hold significant value or that are fragile. This just helps to make sure that they do things such as slow down a little more as they go over bumps. They may also have ideas for how to make sure that the items in the truck are secure.

Plan Your Route and Arrival at the Final Destination

If you plan to unload the truck when you arrive at the final destination, then it is best to try to arrive there at the same time. Ask the truck driver what route they plan to take. For longer moves, you may also want to know how many hours the driver can drive each day so that you can plan for lodging. Before leaving, make sure that you also know how to communicate throughout the move so that you can be aware of when they expect to hit the final destination.

Hiring a rental truck driver takes the stress off of your hands after you're tired out from packing. By knowing how to work with one, you can enjoy this last big stretch of your residential move.