Identifying Moving Problems

How Vehicle Shipping Works

Vehicle shipping is a service that moves passenger vehicles from one location to another. If you will be moving to another state in a few months, learn how a vehicle transport service works and the manner in which you should prepare your vehicle for a long-distance haul.

Transport Trailers

A vehicle shipping company will supply an open or enclosed trailer. Some outfitters offer both trailer types. With open transport, a vehicle is secured on a single or multi-tiered metal trailer. While a vehicle is actively transported, it will be exposed to the elements.

With enclosed transport, a vehicle will be secured inside of a trailer that contains sides and a top. A vehicle will remain protected from the elements during transport. Luxury vehicles, race cars, and vintage vehicles are often transported in enclosed trailers. Using this type of trailer for vehicle shipping is usually more costly than using an open trailer. With both trailer types, axle straps and side mount wheel nets may be used to secure a vehicle.

Point Of Origin And Destination

Upon hiring a carrier to transport a vehicle, a driver is assigned. Some drivers make frequent trips between two major cities and they may coordinate a shipment based upon their travel plans. If a definitive date is necessary for a vehicle shipment, a vehicle owner may need to schedule transport services several weeks in advance.

If the point of origin is located in a town that is not near a major highway, an additional fee may be charged. The point of origin and the destination city should be confirmed prior to having a vehicle picked up. 

Paperwork And Photos

Prior to hauling a vehicle, an inspection will be conducted. The inspection will alert a transport driver of any physical damage. A bill of lading is a legal document that is issued by a carrier. This document will list the type of vehicle that is being transported, the condition of the vehicle, and the time and date when the vehicle will be dropped off.

The owner of a vehicle should read over a bill of lading prior to signing it. The driver will retain a copy of the bill and the customer will receive a copy. A vehicle owner should take photographs of their vehicle prior to it being hauled.

Most vehicle haulers are very careful while transporting vehicles. However, in the rare occurrence that a vehicle is damaged while in transit, photographs will prove the condition that the vehicle was originally in. This proof may help a customer recoup money that they paid for the transport service. To learn more, contact a company like Blason International Movers.