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How To Get A More Accurate Estimate For Your Local Move

Are you ready to call local movers to get estimates? If so, it's important to understand how estimates work. The moving company is essentially taking a guess at how many hours it is going to take to complete your move, and gives you an estimate based on those hours. If you want to know what your move will actually end up costing you, here are some tips for getting a more accurate moving estimate.

Be Detailed When It Comes To Listing Your Belongings

A moving company can provide an estimate over the phone or online, but their accuracy is only based on what you tell them. Not telling them about all the belongings you have will only end up with the estimate coming in lower than what it will end up being. That's why it helps to be detailed with the moving company when it comes to listing belongings for the estimate.

For example, let them know that you have a shed full of tools, or a basement that is jam-packed with stuff. Tell them about problematic items that are going to be difficult to get onto the moving truck. This will all help paint a better picture of what kind of stuff is in your home. 

Request An In-Person Estimate

If possible, request that a moving company provides you with an in-person estimate. It involves coming to your home to see it in person, which will give the moving company a very accurate idea of what they are dealing with. They may realize that you have much more stuff than they anticipated since there is only so much you can assume based on the square footage of a home and the number of bedrooms.

Know The Distance That You're Moving 

Keep in mind that the time that it takes to drive to your new home is still time that you are paying the movers. Let them know the address that you are moving to so that the length of the drive can be factored into the estimate. A new home that is an hour away is an extra hour of labor that you are paying for.

Be Ready On Your Moving Day

The moving company makes an estimate on the assumption that everything is ready to go on the truck when they arrive. If you are holding up the process because you are still packing things up, then it will cause unnecessary delays that make your moving estimate inaccurate. 

For more information on a moving estimate, contact a company near you.