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5 Planning Tips To Help Pets Have A Better Moving Day

Moving is a challenging time for most people. It can also be difficult for your pets. Many household pets dislike change, and they're often more in tune with the general mood of their owners than many realize. What steps can you take before moving day in order to make it less stressful for your furry friends? Here are a few tips anyone can try.

1. Acclimatize Packing Materials 

Because animals are often sensitive to changes, they may immediately notice and be upset by the addition of packing materials and tools at home. Bring packing supplies — boxes, tape, padding material, dollies, and such — inside and just leave them around so the pets can get used to them and their scents. Show them that the materials are not bad. 

2. Keep a Regular Routine

Try not to alter your pet's normal routine while you're preparing to move. Take them for walks, have regular playtime, and continue training if applicable. If you have a big moving job ahead of you, consider outsourcing some of the packing work so you can focus on Fido and Fluffy. Let others handle what they can for you. 

3. Introduce the Movers and Help

Can your pets get to know who will be in the house on moving day or during packing work before it? When interviewing potential movers, you might want to introduce your pets and see how both get along. A familiar face and scent will make pets less agitated when people come again. 

4. Pack Pet Stuff Last

Part of maintaining a normal routine for your pets is not packing up their things earlier than necessary. Set aside pet paraphernalia so that it doesn't get misplaced on the truck and will travel with the pet. If you have a lot of pet gear, pare it down but keep plenty of your animals' favorite elements handy. 

5. Find a Moving Day Buddy

If your pet is likely to be anxious with all the activities of moving day, find them a sitter. The best option is someone or somewhere with which they are already familiar, like a family friend or their regular doggy daycare. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for managing a move with a pet? Start by meeting with qualified moving companies in your area. As you and your pets vet potential moving help, you'll soon find the perfect person to help everyone in your household have a better experience.

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